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Welcome to Mind Field Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Mind Field Software Solutions is an upcoming name in the software development and software training arena with its core focus on the quality of the delivery. Mind Field, incorporated in November 2008, is fully dedicated to excel in the areas in which it works. Today Mind Field has grown to a height that it is recognized by the masses as a company that has the potential to touch new heights and setup new standards in the software development and software training arena.

Our core areas of operation

Mind Field has 2 core areas of operations:

1) Software Development

Mind Field is engaged in software development for its clients in the US since the day of its incorporation. We have expertise in providing services, product development and consultancy on software projects for over 4 years now. Through our counterparts in the US we have worked software development projects for many big companies including Microsoft, Hyundai, TMS ( Transaction Management Solutions ) , companies in the healthcare sector, companies in the insurance sector etc.

2) Software Trainings

At Mind Field we believe that for a stable and respectful career in software engineering you need to have a very very strong technical base. That means that you have to start preparing yourself from day one of your engineering study to be fighting fit for the industry. At Mind Field you are provided with the best know how about programming technologies and you are taken through the process of software development training by following the best engineering practices followed in the industry.

As compared to other institute, Mind Field always believes in training students on engineering lines, not on coding lines. We push you hard to become good engineers, not just good programmers. Our love for technology and our passion to make you successful in your career is what drives us to deliver world class training to engineering students.