Corporate Trainings

Hiring New Techies ? We Can Help You Train Them In Building Modern Day Software Applications

Skill development is the need of the hour, both in the education sector as well as in the corporate sector. When you bring in new team members it is important to train them in order to ensure that they will deliver the best quality services to the customers.

At Mind Field we have over 8 years of experience in skill development and this experience powers our own educational product. Based on our experience we product corporate trainings to companies who wish to upgrade the skill levels of their team members.

We offer inhouse trainings for freshers as well as experienced professionals.

Our Offerings

We offer the following type of corporate trainings

  • For Freshers

    Object Oriented Coding Skills, Microsoft .net, PHP, Hybrid Mobile Apps

  • For Experienced Professionals

    Agile Methodology, Architectural Patterns, Design Patterns, MVC, MVVM

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